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About Us


With passion and a bright vision in mind, a young heart had thought of
E A A as a dream and have worked hard on it for more than 20 years with sheer dedication to make it a reality and we all can see the evidence through the team’s efforts.

E A A is a team of creative designers working globally with creative teams under one roof.  Our team enthusiastically looks forward to cater large & medium scale projects.

With curiosity and energy E A A takes every project as a new challenge and gives the best shot to which you can see their success as evidence.
E A A, today has grown in such a fashion and in terms of scale that it can very well cater to large scale , mass housing , low cost housing projects with utter most creative, innovative and unique ideas for masterpiece execution as well!

We do not believe in a one size fits and we undertake every type of architectural projects and and our each solution is custom designed to suit. Every design from the smallest balustrade detail to entire township are uniquely treated and designed to precisely serve their individual purpose

Major brain storming goes in evolving the concept, the seed of the design, to arrive at the desire design, which respects the site and clients requirements.

We will always manifest unique and innovative buildings which will take the architecture design to next level.

Our designs are futuristic and in league with the changing times. Creating lively ambiances, which do not make the inhabitants feel, after that they are trapped in an Era bygone. Even as we believe in architecture being the highest manifestation of art, it is an art to be experienced as well as enjoyed. Buildings are the indelible signatures of a society, technology and time that herald the ages to come, and are expected to maintain their grandeur after witnessing many decades.

“We believe designing and execution is a team work. We are very selective while choosing a professional for our team. E A A team is eager and curious for every new project and genre and look forward to large scale townships and low cost housing. Our each team itself works out like an office, where each member of the team is equally responsible and important for every kind of a project, which also welcomes new talent and everyone’s opinion is respected. Our team get involved in major brainstorming, right from evolving the concept and designing a desired form.”

Learning from the past and applying it to the future. It means keeping up with the times and moving ahead. It means constantly re-inventing and exploring our potential. It means constantly expanding our limits and challenging our horizons of knowledge. It means a conscious growth through creative evolution. It means respecting and attending to our every client, every site , every requirement as unique. At E A A, we know what it takes to succeed and we do not compromise on quality, for we believe that: “Every job is the self – portrait of the firm that does it. We let our work speak for us.